Prattville Promenaders

Mainstream Square Dance Club


  Frequently Asked Questions

• What kind of dancing do you do?

We "square dance" here! It’s actually called "modern western square dancing" and is done around the world.

• Do I have to join your club to dance with you?

No, visiting dancers are always welcome. (We no longer consider you a visitor if you come 3 times in a row!) Non-dancers can certainly visit any time.

• How old do I have to be?

We don’t have a written age limit. However childern younger than about 14 don’t usually have a long enought attention span to learn to square dance.
You’re never too old to dance, as long as your health allows it.

• Do I have to wear those frilly clothes?

Only if you want to.

• Can I drink alcoholic beverages at your square dance club?

No, alcoholic beverages are not allowed at our dances.